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We as a Modelling agency have drawn certain rules and regulations which has to be followed by our Models to maintain a cordial relation.
Working Policy
1. Models should not lie to the agency. If found, agency may decide not to give opportunities in future.
2. Models should keep all the clients’ information confidential.
3. Models should exercise patience till a job is awarded because it purely depends on the clients.
After Assignment of project
4. Every Model signed with us agrees to be on the Shooting spot before half an hour of the commencement of the shoot.
5. Unexpected delays in coming to the spot, for example, heavy traffic or sudden repair of vehicle or such incidents, should be intimated to us immediately by calling to us in the provided number. Petty reasons must be strictly avoided for not able to produce yourself for the shoot.
6. In case the Model is unavailable for the project he/she agreed to, they must inform us before two days, prior to the shoot.
7. Reminder for Shoots
A Call will be given one day prior to the shoot to confirm your presence for the Same.
Second Call will be on the Morning of the shoot.
Third Call will be fifteen minutes before the shoot.
8. Model has to attend all the calls made by the agency after he/she has been assigned a project by the latter. Inappropriate Excuses must be strictly avoided. If the model fails to pick up the call due to unavoidable situations, they must call back immediately once they notice any calls from us.
9. Models who cancel the shoot he/she has been assigned without any prior information on the day of the event/shoot must pay for the losses asked by the agency.
10. Models who leave the project in the midway has to pay for the losses incurred.
Behaviour of Models during Shoot
11. Models must behave well-mannered in the spot. Rude/irresponsible behaviours are not appreciable and agency may not provide future projects for the same reason.
12. Models should not take part in any illegal activities when they represent us for any events/shoots. Also agency likes to inform that they can take strict actions against models who bring bad reputation to the brand.
13. Models are advised to not spend much time on the phone and be responsible during the Shoot.
14. No damage should be done to the clothes or property related to the shoot.
15. If Models find the clothes or property to be worn/used is damaged or torn, he/she should inform the same to the client, before the shoot starts.
16. Models when completed the shoot/project must immediately inform the same to the agency. Failing which, payment will not be made/ put on hold.
Safety Measures For Models
17. Models are welcome to come with complaints regarding any ill-treatment or misbehaviour by the clients.
18. Models are not permitted to accept any gifts/tokens from the client side. They are advised to kindly/strictly ignore all kinds of offers from them. Also Models should not forget to inform the same to the agency.
19. If Model disobeys the above rule, Agency is not responsible for any dire situations.
20. Models are advised not to share any personal details with the clients, but only share the agency’s number and address for further communication.
21. Models should not directly deal with the clients for any project, with whom they have worked for already, till their contract period is alive with the agency. Any kind of direct approach by the clients must be informed to the agency.
22. Models are strictly advised to not negotiate the payment details with the clients. All the Payment matters are between the Agency and the Models.
23. Models who completed the project successfully will be paid within two working days through Net banking or through Cheque.
24. Models who leave the project in the midway has to pay for the losses incurred.
Working Policy
1. Corporates can directly approach the agency for Model recruitment or contact us through the provided information in our website.
2. Corporates should not strictly misuse the Models’ information at any cost.
3. Corporates should not directly approach the Models without Agency’s permission.
4. Corporates should not mishandle or ill-treat Models.
5. Any complaints regarding Models should be informed to the agency.
6. Corporates should not lie with the agency. If found Contract may be subjected to cancellation.
7. Corporates should not strictly provide agency’s information to their competitors.
8. We don’t entertain false or fake projects.
9. Any delay in commencing the projects should be immediately informed to the agency.
10. Once project is completed, Corporates should immediately inform the same to the agency.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
If any Model wants to cancel the agreement, he/she should contact the agency within two working days of their initial registration. Also if their registration is under process, agency can’t approve their request for cancellation.
Refund will be made by the agency within 12 working days through Net banking or cheque or in person.