Quality You Need SuccessFull Models

Qualities you need to have to become a Successful Model

“Modelling according to the Fashion Industry is all about being very passionate toward Media and at the same time having a great deal of creative skills to portray in front of the camera.

Thus wherever you reside or whichever ethnicity you are from, the definition remains the same. But to sustain in the Industry, your passion is enough to promise success?

Can you create your luck just by being in love with the creative industry? The answer is an Absolute No. Because Success in the Modelling Industry depends on lot of factors than just having a pretty face and a perfect body.

“Modeling is actually a silent acting.”

A model needs:
• good grooming and the ability to take care of your appearance • confidence, self-reliance and discipline • a pleasant, professional attitude with good people skills • patience, stamina and fitness to cope with long, tiring days and travelling • the ability to cope with criticism and rejection • business skills and the ability to manage finances

The following projects what to be looked for in a quality model:
1. Confidence
Professional fashion models know their best angles and know how to use them. The top-notch model is always prepared to discuss career accomplishments and why they’re perfectly fit for the role. Putting their best assets forward is a cakewalk for them – or should we say “catwalk?”
2. Poise
Do they carry themselves well? Head held high is a strong indicator of aplomb, determination, and a positive spirit. Slouching could be a sign of poor habits, too casual of an attitude, and lack of attention to details. Of course there are always exceptions, but these are the most obvious signs.
3. Headshot
Does the camera love them? A model’s LinkedIn profile photo doesn’t have to be snapped by Steven Meisel, but it should definitely be professional, appropriate and current. In other words, well groomed, no party pics, and a photo taken at least within the last couple of years.
4. Portfolio
Like a fashion model demonstrating their runway walk for a potential client, here’s the opportunity for the model to walk everyone through their work and to size up their presentation skills.
5. Preparedness
Models should possess the advantage of makeup to disguise flaws (puffy eyes, pimples) but there must not be a hiding lack of preparation for an interview. It’s always easy to tell if someone’s not ready. Like a model tripping or falling on the runway, a candidate might stumble through the conversation, or worse, fill the room with moments of awkward silence because they can’t find the right words.
6. Dressing the part
In order to be successful in their careers, models need to fit the designer’s clothes so they can help make them more alluring to customers.

Also the bitter truth is that, the second you exit an agency, next model enters the same agency for the same purpose. And the hardest truth is that you need to stand out from these competitive souls to land you a job or two at least per month during the initial stages.