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1. Why should I contact a modelling agency by spending money rather than doing freelancing?
The first reason is safety. Whether you’re a Male or a Female, your safety should be your first priority. Because you’re working in a very complete unfamiliar environment. To read more about this topic, visit our blog.
2. How much will I be charged for My Portfolio?
It purely depends on you. If you want to do an extravaganza portfolio (like you want to set a theme), you will be charged according to that. It’s up to your requirements and resources. But the starting price 10,000.
3. What should I bring to my portfolio shoot?
You need to arrange all your dresses and the other required elements which you need for your portfolio shoot. If you have any queries, you can contact us before the shoot.
4. Will my personal information be shared with the clients?
No. At any cost, we won’t share your personal information with any of the clients. We ask you to do the same by not sharing your personal information with clients without agency’s permission.
5. What if I don’t get a project soon?
We will keep sending the requirements of clients to your number. So keep showing your interest to do the projects irrespective of the size of the project. But the clients are the ones who finalises the models.
1. How do I recruit a Model for my requirement?
We will send you a list of Models with their portfolios who we feel fit your requirements. You should finalise the Model within the given time.
2. What if a Model cancels my project at the last minute?
We are liable to pay you by collecting the necessary amount from the Model.
3. How should I pay a Model?
You should strictly not pay any model in person. All the payments should be between clients and agency.