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Editing Course


Editing Course

An Editor plays the vital role in the film making.

They redefine the art and transform them into a viewable content / motion pictures.

It is an effective course for the aspiring students whom desire to enter the world of cinema.

The course is designed with present technology and best faculties from the industries.

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An Editor requires creativity, passion and visualization; these three factors only will give the director’s desire.

Our digital film editing experienced faculty will help in bringing out the editor by grooming the master in the art of editing.

Improve Your ScreenPlayWriting

Film editing course helps students to make their own short film, documentary film, and story boards.


OUR Courses

Becoming an Actor

clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility, a well-developed imagination, and the ability to interpret drama. Acting also often demands an ability to employ dialects, accents and body language, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, and stage combat.

Becoming a Director

The Creative Direction Course is an effective course for aspiring students in the Film Making and to enter the world of cinema. The Students go through the entire process of Film Direction which includes script writing, Video editing, cinematography, sound designing and role of the director.

Becoming a Cinematographer

A Cinematographer plays the pivotal role in the film making. They discover the art and technology of the motion pictures. You will learn here how to enhance a story through the use of lighting and composition. The Basics of Motion Picture Photography for both video and films is meticulously covered in this course.

Becoming a ScriptWriter

We provide intensive professional-level courses provide specialized training in script writing. The classes at AMCAM PRO are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively filmed practical’s.


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