Becoming a Script Writer


Becoming a ScriptWriter

Screenplay writing is not being recognized in the industry and to avoid ego clashes directors itself took up the role of writers. But it resulted in the box office bomb since they can't handle both simultaneously.

Nowadays the media is advanced in every aspect of making a film till providing visual awesomeness for audiences. Every individual is accessible to every single movie in archives. So, the remakes and reworked films also needed some creativity to escape from the mouth of the critics.

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So, the industry now understood the need for writers, and with expanding various platform viewers the targets, audiences may vary.

The writers were not only bounded to writing dialogs, must be updated and upgraded with technology and trending contents to create their own to publish and acquire different audience in various viewing platform.

Being the first spectator to witness the cinema in papers and mind scriptwriters were the savior of man-hours.

From thinking to writing to working and reworking everything is to be learned and trained to quench the thirst of cinema both as art and business.


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Becoming an Actor

clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility, a well-developed imagination, and the ability to interpret drama. Acting also often demands an ability to employ dialects, accents and body language, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, and stage combat.

Becoming a Director

The Creative Direction Course is an effective course for aspiring students in the Film Making and to enter the world of cinema. The Students go through the entire process of Film Direction which includes script writing, Video editing, cinematography, sound designing and role of the director.

Becoming a Cinematographer

A Cinematographer plays the pivotal role in the film making. They discover the art and technology of the motion pictures. You will learn here how to enhance a story through the use of lighting and composition. The Basics of Motion Picture Photography for both video and films is meticulously covered in this course.

Becoming a ScriptWriter

We provide intensive professional-level courses provide specialized training in script writing. The classes at AMCAM PRO are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively filmed practical’s.


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